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That second paragraph moved me. What a beautiful thing sports can be for us

What a great moment for him for the reasons you wrote about and for you see him like that.

Watching games with you is a joy. His peace. He'll always remember it.

At least he knows a winning CFB program when he sees one. He doesn't have to suffer like CU fans. Less distress. He's smarter than us.

Would be cool if Bama could get Nick Saban to say "hi" to him some time or write him a note.

Lou Holtz sent me a nice, short letter when I was a young adult after I wrote him and it knocked me out.

Thank you for educating me about school and what is and isn't available as a resource for students with Asperbergers. I was not aware of the challenges. Now better educated.

Question, since you mentioned romantic relationships: do adults with Asperbergers get married? If a special woman, patient and engaging were to show interest, do you think your son might be able to be less shy? Or is he in his comfort zone as his life is now?

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Posted: 05/24/2020 at 7:12PM


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