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I respect that we disagree. Mature adults can do such.

Not everything can be accomplished in one year yet a foundation can be built and MT was doing it.

Yes, the way he left during "construction" was ugly yet that only was poor leadership from that point forward, not that point backward.

The recruiting was improved last season, strength and conditioning was elevated, bigger bodies were brought in and hey, CU did finally beat Washington again, did beat Stanford (although it was a down year for the Cardinal), beat the must-haves for many fans in CSU and Nebraska, beat an above-average ASU team on the road, played USC tough.

One point on which we do agree is your assertion: "if he had stayed I am confident we would be recruiting far better and the buzz would be much louder."

Absolutely, even coming off 5-7 and even with the coronavirus freak show happening.

We can disagree on this last point, about him not coming and not having to start over. What if Rick George made a Dan Hawkins or Mike MacIntyre hire? They'd still be here, getting ready to lead CU into extended mediocrity. CU got one year of hard work out of MMT. So he didn't stay, it stinks yet it's over with and some here on this board 1) are just as hot for KD or 2) want to believe really bad he's going to be wonderful 3) trust RG because he picked KD.

So it's not all terrible.

Who knows if KD will succeed moderately, prove to be a bad hire or shock the world and be THE GUY.

MMT let a lot of people down but if someone is going to offer you life-changing money and you doubt you will ever get that type of opportunity for your family again, maybe you take it.

It also doesn't sound like, from different reports I read, that things were all rosy between MMT and RG when it came to requests and budget limitations and thus RG saying "no" at times.

MMT may have felt he didn't have the resources to get CU to where people expected him to and where he wanted to and when he wanted to do such.

And we can remember, reportedly, MT told MSU "not interested" at first but the Spartans were "relentless" in coming after him, not taking that "no."

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Posted: 05/24/2020 at 02:44AM


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