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Hooper....ok. I kinda got that on my own. And I do know...

of Howard Stern since my kids were huge fans way back when...even stood in line to get a book signed.

Back to this guy....he will be a guest on Joy Reids show tomorrow on msnbc. Maybe he will answer why he thought it was a good idea to attack Biden until he got under his skin and basically made him react in a negative way. Maybe he will explain if he ever was supporting a dem or if he is a berner bot. Not every black person is a dem or a Biden supporter. It's not automatic, black man equals a black vote for Biden.

I wonder if he will talk about how he feels about trump. Has he ever interviewed trump? Has he ever pushed him to explain himself over even one of his anti-black/brown comments trump has made over and over and that's ok?

After seeing his picture, I think I may have seen him here and there and he is some radio jock "activist" and I don't know who he actually supports for president or if he just likes to establish himself as a "black Howard Stern" who was silly and goofy in the old days before he went through his "mean" spell when he hid away from his family in his basement and drove his wife away so he could "find" himself. And now, he's a slave to his new wife and her cat rescue (something he would NEVER put up with when he and Allison were married) and he's probably a billionaire by now, but at least he's grown up to the point he can pull off an interview with Hillary Clinton and not be rude and obnoxious.

I could go on and on and I don't give one crap about how posters like 84 sees me but you are new here and I would rather talk to you on a one on one basis so you know where I'm coming from.

Remember...the majority of black voters are older, are women, and are for Biden no matter if he shows he is not perfect and can get pissed off just like any other person when pushed too far by some hip hop radio personality just because he's black. In the old days, Charlemeign's grandmother would box his ears for being disrespectful. (I don't care about the correct spelling of his name....from now on, I'll call him Char).

And last of all...I should apologize only for calling him a black Rush Limbaugh. Even I go too far some time.

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Posted: 05/23/2020 at 4:01PM


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