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That was an awesome post!

I appreciate your sharing that with us. Very cool.

My story is pretty standard for a young boy in the U.S. I learned that I love sports by playing them in school PE and recess. In Alaska, we had minor league baseball but no major college or pro sports. Like you, I collected cards (mainly baseball and football) and LOVED listening to baseball on the radio. I loved playing them all- football, basketball, baseball, etc.- and was a good athlete as a kid. I started playing in youth leagues in 3rd grade. Baseball was my weakest because I discovered quickly that getting hit by a fastball hurts. I remember how special it felt as a kid to put on a jersey and be a part of a team. Winning was more fun than losing but just playing was awesome. I fear competitive teams and leagues have taken away much of the pure fun.

Unfortunately, by the time I reached high school I was a very average athlete. I earned a few varsity letters but obviously wasn't going to play anything in college. As much as I still love sports, I try to keep them in perspective. In the grand scheme of things, they are way down the list of what's important in life.

My oldest son has acquired my love of sports and he lettered in football and baseball in HS. He was a very good pitcher and outfielder, but college ball was not an option because he has Asperger's Syndrome. He struggles socially and academically. We still watch games together and love it.

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