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You’re very intellectually dishonest

Two nights ago you were on here trying to make some breathless link between just the idea of Obama being investigated by the DOJ and Trump alienating “the whole black community” (as you put it). You really believed you were onto something, then Biden got up yesterday morning and said “hold my beer, csw”.

Now, after scrambling to explain away (to a bunch of white friends on NBOT) that Biden’s comment wasn’t a big deal or shouldn’t be a big deal to Democrats, and presuming as Biden does, that that includes “the whole black community”, you want to pretend that you’re standing up for independent, individual black thought? What a joke, dude.

You’re only interested in black opinions that fit into the neat little box of what you think the single black perspective and individual black experience with racism is and should be. That’s why you’re here working overtime to convince your fellow Dems that Rs are still the real racists despite what Joe unfiltered says from his own mouth. Because you’re more interested in covering for Joe and making sure his candidacy remains viable than in understanding the real concerns of “the whole black community”. Stop fronting.

(In response to this post by cswilliam)

Posted: 05/23/2020 at 11:10AM


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