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I don't know what his "bad day" was unless it was that one...

comment to that angry black radio guy.

From what I can tell from my dem political sites, nothing is going to change our minds about voting for Biden. NOTHING. No matter what b.s. spin comes out. We have seen these attacks since the other side made fun of Dukakis for sitting for a photo op in a tank and that his wife was a secret alcoholic and drank mouth wash because they poured every other liquor out. Then, Bill Clinton and women issues, then John Kerry, then Hillary that she was physically ill and wouldn't last out a term, etc., etc. So any attack on Biden is the same old b.s. and we dems are not falling for it.

As for the raggedy independents, like the ones we see here, as if they mean anything and we should listen to them tell us to run Cuomo, etc. because Biden is senile, they don't mean shit to us either. The only real true Indy here anymore, now that buffdad is gone, is Stampy and you don't see or hear him railing away at Biden while supporting trump. The only true repub here that has stood up and said he will not vote for trump but will vote for Biden is Uppstate. The rest are nothing but trolls.

We will not roll over and change our votes. We will vote for Biden. And that is that.

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Posted: 05/22/2020 at 11:22PM


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