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I still get a laugh at the folks here who...

think this virus escaped from a Chinese Lab (government run!?). I think we have two real strong candidates for the origin,but still some final work needs to be done. There is ZERO proof that this was created by humans. These are the same nut jobs who gave you the Genesis Museum of Creation, Intelligent Design, Anti vaxxers (sp?), conversion therapy, Mona Vie juice, Herbal supplements and other forms of modern day snake oil. I think people are getting a grip on how difficult and dangerous finding cures and treating viral infections can be. Nothing in Science is simple.

Stay safe,avoid crowds, wash hands (soap is fine-no need to use sanitizer at home) ,use common sense. I think we see light at the end of the tunnel by April 30th. Just a guess on that one-no proof.


Posted: 03/26/2020 at 3:18PM


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