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Your projecting your thought onto my perspective as usual

No, I’m a loner. I practice social distancing as a lifestyle. Sometimes it works for the better, a lot of times it’s a handicap. I couldn’t care less if I’m allowed to go out in public or go to a social event or whatever. I’m also PARANOID about germs, in general, and now, in particular. So I don’t personally care if the self-isolation is recommended for months or weeks or years.

But I also recognize that that is not true of most people, nor is it how a functional social system can or does work. I understand that disease and infection is a risk of community and interaction and, when necessary, I accept those risks. Does that mean I’m not concerned or scared about how much this could still escalate? Absolutely not. But I’m more and more convinced by the day that regardless of the continuation, escalation or dismissal of authoritative impositions on our daily routines, the shit is out of the bag and none of these fuckers really knows wtf is going on or how to handle it and that goes for all you crisis-splainers on this site as well.

(In response to this post by Ralphie Bruber)

Posted: 03/23/2020 at 9:23PM


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