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Certain positions

I agree with you about certain positions. Especially RB, LB, FB(lots of really good fullbacks on the old running teams), WR, DB and QB. Those positions obviously stand out. Linemen on both sides are a little different. Individual OL don't often stand out unless they are leading a strong running team. DL sometimes stand out a little more.
It would be very time consuming for me to go back through all the guys I've seen play and I know I would miss some of the good ones.

Just one example of a receiver who gets recognition as a kick returner much more than as a receiver in college is Cliff Branch. His receiving skills became greatly apparent in the NFL because they actually used him as a receiver. He was on the team at Colorado only 2 years since he was a JC transfer. I looked up some stats from the 1971 team because I am quite familiar with the team. Branch only had 13 receptions that year, but his average per catch was 25.4 yards. The team passing attempts for the season were only 196 compared to 624 rushing attempts. We were a really good running team. Eddie Crowder tried to devise some running plays for Cliff to get him in the open. He had 9 rushes during the season for an incredible 26.1 yards per rush. He was so fast he could give guys 5-7 yards head start on a 40 yard dash and still beat them. The only guy he couldn't do that with was Larry Brunson. Brunson's best 100 yard(not meter) dash was 9.3 seconds, only a step behind Branch at 9.2 seconds.

Cliff was a great athlete and a good guy. He was always friendly and happy. Sadly, he passed away last year. There are lots of great Colorado football players I've seen play over the years, but not as many as Moe has. ;-) I never get tired of talking about Cliff Branch.

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