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Sucker Tucker vs KD recruiting......

My biggest and ONLY disappointment about Sucker Tucker leaving was his recruiting prowess. I LOVED that he said they would come in and recruit nationally to win now against all the bigger schools. And he did. We got some major players because of his recruiting standards.
I know KD said in his press conference that they had always recruited CA, TX, and AZ really well, and he mentioned some ties in FL. Of course he mentioned keeping the best CO kids home. However, and what concerns me is that at no point has he mentioned recruiting nationally and getting the elite athletes. Summers has DEEP ties in Georgia so they can’t let those connections go to waste.
I’m really hoping that he sticks to Sucker Tuckers recruiting standards. The ball is rolling and this year’s class I’m hoping will be the springboard to many many other elite classes for CU.

Anyone I talked to I told them. Sucker Tucker isn't’ building CU to win the PAC12, he’s building them to win a National Championship(s). The PAC will fall as CU gets these elite kids to come in and that will only happen if they win, and they recruit nationally. CA and TX are hot beds and CU has gotten some of their most talented players from those states. They need to stay national like they started.
In my humble opinon.

To the KD Era !!!

Go Buffs !

Posted: 02/28/2020 at 1:57PM


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