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As Churdslick stated the cherry picking of stats is crazy, people who want

to bash MM throw out his one good year, but at the same time say don't you dare throw away HCKD good year at UCLA. IMO RG was crushed by MT, he then thought he had Sark and was broke up with again so he went with longevity(rebound girl) and the person he knew would stay with him. The problem with this is the last time CU did this, the safe pick and person who would not leave had to be fired and left kicking and screaming within 2 years.

I think everyone can agree we want HCKD to be the right guy, I wanted MM to be the right guy because he was a good man, so is HCKD. I hope he puts together a great staff and is here until he retires.

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Posted: 02/26/2020 at 09:58AM


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