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CU football has become a model of futility

We're like Kansas football. The Cleveland Browns.

We're the uncoordinated kid in Little League baseball who gets to bat once a game because the rules say the coach has to let him bat at least once. We're the kid on the playground who always gets picked last for the pick-up games. We're the punch line of jokes. We're the team other schools schedule for homecoming.

It feels like there will always be some obstacle in our way to being competitive. I thought MT would bring about a huge change in CU football. Then those bastards at Michigan State came calling with a bag full of money.

I've been a fan since '71 but, I'll be honest, my patience is running very thin. It has nothing to do with our coaching hires from Hawkins to KD. It just seems like CU is jinxed.

(In response to this post by Go2Bowl)

Posted: 02/24/2020 at 12:14PM


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