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As much as I hate it, we are a stepping stone job. Besides

Alums all will leave in a few years. We have to be ok with that and say as long as they leave us better we will be able to attract better coaches moving forward. Hopefully a guy like Chiv is the right guy eventually then we will have a lifer. I agree with you on Mora, he loves the area I read, but I worry about how he underachieved at UCLA. We also have to realize guys like him, Sark and EB have grown and learned alot over the years. Alot of times these coaches first few go arounds they learn exactly what NOT to do and become much better coaches. I use to hate hiring retreads now I am open to it, for example I am a Giants fan, I think they should have hired McCarthy.

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Posted: 02/15/2020 at 08:14AM


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