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EB, Avalos, JL, Lupoi, Wilcox, Walters, Chev

I would be really happy with any one of them, but think EB is by far the best fit/choice. That said, it would take him some time to hit his stride and develop into the job.

Avalos is a defensive mastermind and strong energy/recruiting guy. Oregon has 3 5* recruits in this class, all on the defensive side of the ball. He's going to be a great HC somewhere someday. Why not in Boulder?

JL would be bridge to a Chev or Ryan Walters guy. He would get us to a bowl next year with the talent we have + his charisma, energy and leadership. Can't deny his influence on 2016. Would not have happened without him. Probably the best option for success in short run. If you want a bowl game in 2020 he should be your guy.

Lupoi was one of my top candidates last year. Maybe he's itching to get back to college after a tough year with Browns. Would also take time to get rolling.

Wilcox is Avalos with a higher floor but lower ceiling. Also a good option for early success and then long term improvement/stability. Classy dude.

Walters is someone to grow with. Would take time/patience. Like what he has done so far, has good upside and is a Buff so he's not going to run off at midnight some year like FMT.

Chev's over the top politicking for the job is unseemly. Wish he'd back off. Everyone knows he wants the job - leave it at that and let RG do his thing. I think Walters is more ready for the job than Chev, but IF he had exceptional coordinators (difficult at this point in time), he's definitely got the mojo, recruiting chops. Need a LOT of patience with him.

None are perfect. We are in a tough spot. 1 month to spring ball. You don't find perfect even under the best of circumstances, we sure as hell aren't going to find it in the fix we are in now.

Not too jazzed about Sark, Bielema, Harsin and especially Mora. Just retreads mostly and with any success here they'd look to move. Also, don't want Ark State's Blake Anderson.

Taggart. Not only no, but hell no. I don't think RG will fall for his all hat no cattle BS act. At least Midnight Mel could walk the walk. . .

If we didn't have RG working this we'd be in deep shit . . .
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