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First of all, I think that Gallup asked the question wrong. They

should have asked, "Are you voting for a socialist?" instead of asking if Democrats "would" vote for a socialist. Because right now, it cannot be determined who is the candidate.
Second, what causes Democrats to vote for outliers is the extremism of the Trump administration. Trump is now interfering in the DOJ requests for the sentencing of Roger Stone, a convicted felon. That's causing the attorneys at DOJ to consider resigning, because Trump is meddling in the Stone case.
Remember when the GOP was furious because Bill Clinton chatted with the attorney general on the tarmac? It's become much, much, worse.
If Bernie wins the nomination, and the GOP is unable to reign in Trump and compel him to abide by the rule of law, the Bernie is likely to take a lead in the polls. Americans generally disdain socialists, but they disdain lawbreakers much more. As long as the right wing enables Trump, anything is likely to happen. -- B4E

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Posted: 02/11/2020 at 5:35PM


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