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Your post still doesn't address Trump abusing his position

to hold back aid, and pressure Ukraine, which was illegal. In fact against the law.

Often the cover up is even worse. In the holding back aid, Trump ruined the reputation of an Ambassador, actions that forced the resignation of several and OMB, State Dept, all for ulterior motives.

Then obstructed Congress commanding staff not to testify and withholding evidence and documents. (Imagine if Obama or Biden did this?)

And lastly, the whole Biden corruption angle is unsubstantiated. Already been reviewed, and not pursued. But while pursuing it, there is evidence that Perry and Rudy were pressuring Ukraine to put US citizens on board for an oil company, extorting money.

Bottom line, hold back aid was illegal, obstructing Congress is a fact, and the collaboration of shaking down Ukraine behind the scenes is wrong. But rather than address this, we will say "But Biden ... , or But Hillary ..... or But Obama did ..."

(In response to this post by McKelvie)

Posted: 01/19/2020 at 12:18PM


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