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Happy to correct you.....

Your assertion Trump has "restored economic growth to previous levels above the anemic Obama years" is simply not true. GDP - which is probably the single best indicator of economic growth - averaged 2.3% annualized during Obama's last three years in office. GDP has averaged about 2.4% annualized during Trump's first three years. I say "about 2.4%" because we don't have the data for the current quarter (fourth quarter 2019) in yet. However, current Wall Street estimates expect GDP to come in below a disappointing 2%.
On the job creation front, Obama averaged 223,000 new jobs a month during his last three years in office. Trump has averaged just over 200,000 new jobs a month during his first three years, about 20,000 less than Obama generated a month.
For the record, the unemployment rate has fallen to record lows because the pool of available workers continues to shrink (thanks to mass retirements among baby boomers, more part time workers and tighter immigration laws) and not more jobs. Five years ago, it required almost 200,000 new jobs to keep the unemployment rate unchanged. That number today is just 100,000 new jobs because - once again - the pool of available works continues to shrink. If job creation was really booming, GDP would be much higher than today's 2% level.
As a sidebar, the manufacturing sector as measured by the highly respected Purchasing Manager's monthly surveys, is contracting and technically in a recession. Clearly, Trump's poorly planned trade wars have taken a heavy toll on this sector of the economy. Whether this underperformance carries over to the service sector in 2020 remains to be seen.
In terms of the economy, the big difference in performance between Obama and Trump is obviously the deficit - a critical subject Trump supporters are loathe to mention. During his tenure as president Obama reduced the deficit from approximately $1.4 trillion to $600 billion. Under Trump's watch, the economy has grown at close to the same rate as experienced during Obama's second term thanks largely due to borrowed money and not organic growth. The deficit under Trump has soared from $600 billion to almost $1 trilliion. Most economists attribute this scary and significant 40% surge in the deficit to Trump's poorly conceived tax legislation.
As the economic data over the last six years reinforces, Trump supporters claiming domestic growth is much better now than under Obama are either ill-informed, ideologues or both.
Looking ahead to 2020, one has to wonder how much greater the deficit grows if subpar growth continues and at what point out-of-control deficits become an issue for the financial markets, Federal Reserve and voters.

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