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I see it all the time in club hockey and bball. Parents

that feel their kids are getting 'wronged' either by a coach, a ref, or an opponent. I try like hell not to be that parent.
In hockey we had an incident last week with one of the grandparents of a child on our team. We have parent volunteers work the clock and penalty box. The grandfather was working the box and his son get checked and went down. Two minute minor for sure but nothing blatant. Grandfather, while working the box mind you, loses his cool cause that is his grandson and starts yelling 'kick that SOB (squirt hockey 9-10) out. He is an effing bum, that is bull$hit". I had to tell him, 'you have got to knock that language off. First, this is hockey, and second that kid you are yelling at is 10 years old.' The fact I had to have a talk with a 70 year old man made me mad and embarrassed for him.

Another quick story. My son got fouled pretty hard in a game some weeks ago. No foul was called and the play was going the other way. My son gets up, looks toward the crowd (not a big one just like 70 people) looks at me, and gestures 'what the hell?!?'. I proceed to yell 'no one gives a damn but you J...get back on defense'. Everyone laughed but I hope some parents -and my son- took it to heart. I can't stand whiny kids or parents.

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Posted: 11/19/2019 at 5:03PM


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