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Pubs want to bring in WB and Hunter Biden for open testimony

The sole reason of bringing in the WB is to attack him/her publicly. Everything in the WB report has been substantiated by multiple parties. Don't need the WB report. What would be the reason, except to smear this person?

Regarding Hunter Biden, I suspect the intent is to show or cast doubt that his position or the company he worked for was corrupt and a request to investigate him was warranted, making the illegal acts by the WH acceptable. But what direct relevance does Biden have with the behavior of the WH and the administration? It is to direct attention away from Trump asking a foreign country to interfere in our election.

If you don't put Biden on the witness stand (and/or WB) the Pubs will scream that it is unfair and inquiry is partisan. If you do put Biden on the witness stand, aren't you doing exactly what Trump wanted in the first place, smear the Biden name and try to hurt Biden's run for president? Wouldn't this be even better than Ukraine investigating? Has this whole Trump scandal hurt Joe Biden's run? I believe it has had the effect he was hoping.

If you put Hunter Biden on the stand, Pubs could paint a picture of how the son of the VP took advantage of his father's position for profit, legal or not. Even if he was not involved in anything corrupt it looks bad. Does this open the door for the Dems to put Don Jr. or Ivanka on the witness stand and ask if they have benefited from their dad being president, legal or not?

The decision ultimately in the House inquiry is Schiff's. I suspect he doen't call either. Keep in mind this is the inquiry, kind of like a grand jury. Evaluating if there was a crime or worth a trial. It is not a trial. The Pubs seem to think it is trial and that the president has the right to put up his defense. It will become even more of a circus. That will happen in the Senate.

Posted: 11/12/2019 at 10:33AM


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