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Ramblings from a discouraged but proud Buff Fan

Unfortunately we are in the process of a 3-4 year rebuild. Coach Tucker is in the process of building his type of culture with his type of players. A combination of injuries, player attrition (approx 13 players have left or been asked to leave the team since last year), years of less than stellar recruiting results and poor coaching have left us in the position that we are in and there is not going to be a magic pill that’s going to fix it- it’s going to take a bunch of hard word work and some luck to get this turned around.
Additionally, MM poor recruiting left some major gaps on both sides of the ball the current staff is trying to fix.
I believe Coach Tucker is the right man for the job long term. Short term I don’t understand all of the penalties, missed assignments and just lack of sharpness going in with the team. We may not have the players to beat a bunch of teams right now but I would expect that that self inflicted mistakes to have diminished or improved by this point.
I know the defense has been less than stellar and many fans are unhappy with the DC but I think it’s too early to judge where we are at on this side of the ball- there have too many injuries and too much attrition - the team had a couple of players playing on defense last night were playing offense in August.
Offense- I am frustrated with offensive side of the ball. More experience and a senior QB. I expected more consistency and less mistakes with this group. The play calling at times has been horrible.
I’m really concerned about what this group will look like next year as there doesn’t appear to be a replacement for Montez at this point. I would like to see the back ups get more playing time to get an idea if they can actually play.
Recruiting- so far I’ve been a bit discouraged with the recruiting. It’s going to take awhile to turn this around. Sounds like we are going to have a bunch of recruits at the Stanford game plus there is talk of a former Alabama recruit looking at CU- if some this pans out we may actually end up with a solid class.
I’m a big buff fan. Have season tickets and have travelled to watch the team on many occasions. This rebuild is going to be tough ( how many rebuilds have we had in the last 15 years?)and wished we didn’t have go through it buts it’s where we are at. I love the Buffs and am proud to have attended CU but the next the next few years are going to be tough but I’m going to stick it out.
Go Buffs!!!!

Posted: 11/03/2019 at 12:26PM


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