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Good, bad and ugly from last night

Try this again

Good: Helmets were Awesome. Love that Mel likes the old logo.
Atmosphere was great. Even in a loss, i think CU represented well for any recruits in attendance.
Montez bounced back. Was he perfect no, but he gave us a chance to win and I thought played a decent game.
Trujillo. Went up against some good receivers, didn't back down, made some plays. Excited for his future.
Summers: We are outmanned on D but I thought Summers called some good blitzes, hit the freshman qb, almost forced him into a few turnovers. We actually dictated some things while on defense and that is a step in right direction.
Laviska: For 3 quarters he was who we thought he was. Disappeared in the 4th. too bad we couldn't get him the ball. SC founds ways to get it to Pittman and we couldn't do the same.
Play calling during first 3 quarters. It looked like ASU again. just seemed to be a step ahead of SC defense most of the time. Play call w/ Stenstrom was brilliant. Blake has some wheels.

Bad: 4th quarter play calling. The deep passes on that 2nd to last drive were questionable. The 3rd down play call before the final punt was terrible. U had 2 plays to pick up 4 yards. Pick it up and we probably add a FG at least, take some more time off clock and tighten the screws on SC. Not sure we coached smart enough in 4th. We pride ourselves on being best conditioned team, had a young depleted SC defense out there and didn't pound em when you think they were ripe for it. Just don't understand. Also on the final drive, we had time, could have run the ball a time or two. SC had 5 in the box, we could have run for 5-10 yards a pop. slow downed their rush, taken pressure off our dinged QB, just so many reason to run it a time or too and it seemed like johnson and offensive coaches panicked. And why on 4th and 4 did we not use our timeout to determine what best play call could have been? We had one, if you don't pick up first, ballgame whether you have timeout or not? Mmmmmmmm.

Defense on SC's final drive. SC converted a 3rd and 10, 2nd and 20 and threw TD on 2nd and 11.

Penalties: again just too many for a team that isn't talented. I thought we got a bad whistle on occasion but we just can't overcome all the mental mistakes.

UGLY: honestly the thing that bothers me most about last night's game is the confusion on offense. That's on coaches, Johnson, Chiv, Mel, Hagan, etc. First trip to red zone was comical. How many times does play come in late and we're rushing to get lined up and get play off? Answer too many! The process of managing a game is a work in progress. Remember fiasco at end of ASU game? Think about this, Montez needed to get back on track, we had QB who probably didn't have a ton of confidence. So the last thing as play caller/manager you want to do is to create anxiety in that player. You want to keep things simple, let him gain confidence. Yet here we are on almost every series, looking like a chinese fire drill. We have to get better and fast. We have 5th year QB. say what you will about SM, but he's been around the block and might mask some of our sideline disasters. Next year we might start a true freshman. How do you think he's gonna handle the added anxiety that getting plays in late creates?

Come on Mel. Get that crap fixed!!!!!!!!!

All in all, we were competitive. Now let's play like that the rest of the way, work on execution, clean some stuff up and let the chips fall where they may.

Go Buffs!

Posted: 10/26/2019 at 6:47PM


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