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Trump just this week

Trump’s sharpieGate is laughable, but is also bad. It reflects Trumps determination to lie to all of America about all things big and little, if the facts in some refute him or his position. Fitting into this problem - when Trump was asked who drew the sharpie line - he said he didn’t know - almost certainly Trump himself drew it - and he sure as hell knows who it was if it wasn’t him.

Today we learn military planes on the way to and from the Middle East are now being diverted to a small airport near Trumps Scottish resort - with the military then staying at Trumps property. So the military has become Trumps personal piggy bank.

This week Trump disregards Congressional spending authorizations for military budgets and diverts billions of dollars away to build a wall Congress refused to fund. So the military has become Trump’s political weapon.

This week - The EPA reverses a 20 year old law mandating the use of efficient light bulbs - a change which will result in increased energy costs, more coal burnt, and more greenhouse gases. So - the EPA has become Trump’s personal pocketbook to help a few coal barons.

This week - The DOJ announces it is investigating automakers because they have committed to comply with California’s emissions standards (adopted after the EPA dropped mileage standards at the federal level) on the ground that complying with with a State’s law somehow constitutes an antitrust violation. So - the DOJ has become Trumps political weapon to retaliate against those who dare to operate at a higher standard than the EPA requires.

In the meantime the Trump administration is actively litigating to overturn the entire affordable care act - including provisions protecting Americans from loss of coverage due to preexisting conditions and even more importantly the denial of health care coverage to tens of millions of Americans now covered by expanded Medicaid,

This is just one week. We don’t have a President. We have a ruthless narcissistic king unlimited by law or ethics who serves only himself and those who make him money.

Posted: 09/07/2019 at 10:41AM


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