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Another mischaracterization of the law

Haynes doesn't support your position. It was a narrow decision and applied only to the unique language of the registration law at issue. Congress subsequently amended the registration requirement, and the Court upheld the amended version in US v Freed.

In Haynes, the statute at issue required registration only when a possessor had received a gun through a transfer that violated other provisions of the statute. If a transfer complied with the statute, registration was not required. Thus, registering was tantamount to an admission that the registrant had violated one of the other provisions in the law. (The Court found "the correlation between obligations to register and violations can only be regarded as exceedingly high, and a prospective registrant realistically can expect that registration will substantially increase the likelihood of his prosecution.") As a result, the court held that the violated the self-incrimination clause of the Fifth Amendment.

After Haynes, Congress amended the statute so that the registration requirement was no longer limited to guns that were received unlawfully. Instead, it applied to all transfers of weapons defined in the relevant provision of the National Firearms Act. As a result, the act of registering no longer amounted to an admission of criminal liability, and there was no longer any Fifth Amendment problem. Thus, in Freed, the Supreme Court upheld the amended requirement. The Court also affirmed the defendant's conviction for possession of an unregistered firearm under the Act, which is still in effect today (despite your belief that all gun registries are unconstitutional).

In short, Freed all but nullified Haynes except in extremely unusual cases that would not apply in this context.

Under Freed, there would be no Fifth Amendment problem if the government required possessors of assault weapons to register and then prohibited subsequent transfer to anyone other than the registered current owner. The registrant would not be incriminating him or herself simply by registering. He or she would be permitted to retain possession of the weapon. Prosecution could occur only after a subsequent transfer, resulting in someone other than the registered current owner possessing the weapon.

I have gone back and forth with you countless times and have no interest in doing so again. However, I feel the need to correct your mischaracterization of the law for the benefit of other readers. You are clearly not a lawyer, and you don't know what you're talking about when it comes to these opinions. I already demonstrated how your characterization of the Heller and Caetano opinions below were inaccurate. You clearly have an agenda and are misleading folks on these topics.
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