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Forgive me for repeating myself but Trump's OVERALL economic performance..

is no better - and likely will be worse before it's all over - than Barack Obama's. The last seven years of Obama's presidency GDP averaged about 2.2%. Obviously it's unfair to factor in his first couple of years since he inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression from Republican George Bush. I was in the bond business at the time and can tell you the corporate bond market was on the verge of collapse. I should also add that Obama received no help at all from a Republican-controlled Congress fo fiscal stimulus initiatives like middle class tax breaks or infrastructure packages. GDP under Trump, which obviously got a substantial but fading boost from a tax giveaway to the super wealthy and corporations, has averaged about 2.5% annualized through the first half of this year. Monthly job creation, as I'm sure you know, has been very comparable. The unemployment rate has been dropping about 0.75% each year since 2010 as the labor force continues to shrink. The stock market, since you brought it up, as measured by the S&P 500 soared 113% during Obama's eight years. It's increased 29% (as of today) under Trump. Again pretty comparable returns. The major difference in performance involves the budget deficit - that nasty but important number which measures the financial health of a country. I know you agree with most rational people that budget deficits are a critical factor which must be considered when evaluating OVERALL economic performance. When Obama took office he inherited a $1.4 trillion deficit from George Bush. Despite having to finance various bailouts, record unemployment benefits, related expenses and declining tax receipts due to the horrendous economy he inherited, Obama got the deficit as low as $440 billion in 2015. It was $666 billion when he left office. Obama made plenty of mistakes (as we all do) but he got this right and deserves credit. Today many economists are predicting the budget deficit under Trump will exceed one trillion by the end of this year. If the economy downshifts big time as Trump's impulsive and poorly-conceived trade wars intensify globally, the deficit could explode to unfathomable heights! Hopefully, the majority of Americans next November will realize the Republican party (who I used to consider myself a member of) have once again been fiscally irresponsible and once again the country will need a Democrat to clean their mess up.

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Posted: 08/02/2019 at 9:37PM


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