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Re: Yes - so well stated.

I'm also watching less. I check in the morning, basically see what the topic of the day is going to be and then wait for Nicole Wallace at 1:00PM. In fact, I haven't even watched her entire show this week (3 days). I dvr Rachel and Lawrence but rarely watch the recording of Rachel. Just delete it the next day. Tonight I saw a bit of O'Donnell and just turned it off because it was all about Epstein, Acosta, etc. and we already know nothing will come of this huge miscarriage of justice just like the next favorite topic, the kids at the border. The reporters are there, covering it all, asking questions because that's their job and Acosta lies through his teeth. And the kids? Seems no one has any power, even the ACLU attorneys, etc., to do anything about their situation because the DOJ is crooked. Just think about that! If we can't trust the Department of Justice to do the right thing, to enforce the laws, to take bad people to trial and hopefully, into prisons, instead of negotiating sweetheart deals and to rely on the courts, especially the high courts, what good really, does it do to put ourselves through all this fake stuff?! They have the power and they will continue to abuse it. And we have to live with it.

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