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Yes, exactly...and I'm now feeling that I can't go on....

being interested in the 2020 race. I'm getting immune to that too.

I think it started way too early, we barely got over the "vote blue" mid terms and we were thrust right into who is the best dem to beat trump, who has a plan for everything, why did this candidate do this or that 30 years ago, etc. etc.

I'm tired of it all. This news flash about Warren beating out bernie for his votes....I could care less. I'm tired of her too. I think she is manic and needs some medication. And she wears me out. Just like bernie.

I was interested in the young candidates, wanted them to prove themselves to me, but now I don't even care about them. And sick of hearing about Iowa and how those people supposedly are in charge of who wins and who doesn't.

If we can survive 4 years of trump, well then, I suppose we can survive 4 more because I don't even recognize the United States anymore. All those things we stood for and believed are meaningless now. So maybe just living through it, numb as a sleeping zombie, is all we can do. At least that's how it is for me, too old to care, too old to do anything about it.

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Posted: 07/10/2019 at 3:42PM


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