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Barr reverses self - will oversee Epstein matter

During the course of the investigation into Epstein's prior flimsy plea deal, in which somehow “unindicted co-conspirators” in a sex trafficking crime involving multiple minors were somehow granted immunity without even bring named, Barr said he was obligated to recuse himself.

Now the Epstein matter has turned with a new criminal indictment about different kids from the same era who were rape and abuse victims. And yesterday Barr has it leaked that he has decided he is not recused from the new matter.

The inconsistency hardly makes sense. But it does make sense. The new case has implications for Trump - the new case may in fact terrify him. What if the case of the alleged gang rape of a 14 year old by Trump and Epstein starts to re-emerge during the investigation of the new case? Does Barr want to be able to control the case to make sure nothing along those lines is investigated or oublicly discussed? What if Epstein made other little girls available to Trump? What if it is about to be disclosed that Trump gained immunity as an unindicted co-conspirator?

My guess is it is all about Trump. Barr is going to control the new investigation to make sure Trump’s history stays secret.

Maybe this is all a Pizzagate. But remember in this case kids WERE raped. And remember - Trump bragged about his relationship with Epstein. He bragged that he and Epstein have the same taste for younger women.

Posted: 07/10/2019 at 06:27AM


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