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There is plenty of vision there - and actually targeted

Right wing economic thinking is to spend now on the very wealthy. Give them huge tax cuts - that someone else will have to pay for later. Right wing economic thinking is to flood the country with unpaid for spending - let the deficits explode but let the good times roll when they are in office. And then - when they don’t hold the Presidency - do everything they can to crush the economy. They same Pubs today who are whining about the Fed raising rates 25 basis points were demanding that the Fed raise them under Obama,

Dems have plans to create enduring opportunity and wealth for average folks.

Affordable or even free college education will create millions of skilled individuals - many of whom will start their own businesses.

Affordable health care will create economic freedom for those who are tied to a job - even a government job - due to benefits. It will eliminate the largest cause of individual bankruptcy in the nation. Something that prevents bankruptcy is a great economic plan.

Dealing with global warming will create huge opportunities for entrepreneurs, professionals and workers alike.

Affordable Day care lets women start in the marketplace - creating far greater family incomes as women are better able to advance in the workplace without loss of years,

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Posted: 05/23/2019 at 07:47AM


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