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Too much sexual cruelty towards women, where

they are portrayed as helpless or hopeless. Sex and violence will attract viewership, of course, as people are naturally curious to see what happens, but it adds little to the plot. I have read G.O.T. fan message boards where fans vigorously insist that this must be shown, because " it is realistic, and that is what happened in those days. We must show realism."

My reaction to that is, "Oh, really? You are watching a fantasy fiction show about flying dragons, and now you are concerned about realism. That doesn't make any sense."
I am really tired of shows where women or children are portrayed victims of sexual assault, abuse, or cruelty, because the producers want to drive the ratings up. Of course, it will increase viewership, but at the cost of portraying women as helpless, incompetent, hapless creatures who are unable to defend themselves and are constantly subjected to blood and gore.
Also -- I am really tired of the endless hype of the show. I think it is just over the top.

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Posted: 05/22/2019 at 2:27PM


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