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I may assume it's a political statement because that is where....

I've heard the word "tribe" and "tribal" non stop lately. I've never heard the word applied to women as being a tribe.

I think you have taken my comments and blown them completely out of proportion and don't even attempt to understand what I'm saying. Talk about "tribal".

I never said he "deserved it". I was only comparing this to what happens to women every day. This doesn't happen much to men except I know there are battered men out there just as there are women but we don't hear about them because they don't want anyone to know. Well, guess what? Women stay quiet too because just like you, most people think it's her fault for staying with the guy, believing when he says he loves her and won't ever do it again...until the next time.

I will make another "generalization"...I bet this guy knew how volatile she was and it was no surprise to him that she assaulted him but that she actually hurt him, injured him, caused him physical and emotional pain and that others had to learn of it. Of course, his name is not mentioned because of he probably feels so embarrassed and ashamed. If she broke his arm, that would have been very different.

As far as your job/career goes, I was trying to explain that we don't really know each other here...we can only accept what we are told and either believe it or not. I do believe you work for the Border Patrol so don't get all huffy. Read and re-read and try to comprehend what I'm saying. Or if you can't...well, there is that saying..."men are from Mars, women from Venus." Or at least that's a good excuse for not trying harder to understand but just lash out with your points where you think I'm so wrong.

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Posted: 05/18/2019 at 10:14PM


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