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This has nothing to do with Bushes war or Obama’s not finishing it

And this is definitely not the shoe on the other foot.

As I predicted, someone like you would produce some disingenuous equivalence argument. On the issue I am arguing about - there simply is no equivalence. A few short months ago, when Pubs ran the Congress, they actually demanded, wearing their congressional oversight hats, the right to see FBI documents in the middle of the FBI investigation - and their demands were met. Now these same creeps support the idea that a Republican President is a king - who is free to refuse every Congressional demand for information and document.. There is no precedent for this broad claim that the President is above the law. No President has ever acted in this manner. It almost certainly cannot be right,

But my real point is to get an answer from the courts ASAP. We need the Supreme Court to tell us that Congress has no right to compel the testimony of or obtain information from the Article II branch of government.

If the court defends Donald Trump in these egregious circumstances then President Warren or President OAC will have the same unbridled power to act eithout limit or consequence, and Hillary and Obama will have been proven a fool for complying with congressional and FBI demands for information.

But you know all this. Trumps insistence on autocracy is not fine - This man acts without boundaries - far exceeding any predecessor - and you sustain that?

Imagine for a second that it’s 2014. Barack Obama is president of the United States. The attorney general is Eric Holder, and Republicans control Congress. Republican leaders have called on the attorney general to appoint a special counsel to investigate the IRS’ alleged targeting of conservative groups.

Now imagine what Republicans would have done if the special counsel was in fact appointed and the president had ordered his removal. Imagine what Republicans would have done if instead of releasing a full and complete copy of the special counsel’s report, the attorney general instead provided Congress and the American people with a four-page summary document. Imagine how Republicans would have reacted if they issued a subpoena for the report, and the attorney general responded by calling it “premature and unnecessary.”

Somehow, I don’t think Republicans would have exercised any form of restraint or encouraged the country to move on. And yet that’s exactly what they are doing right now, when the president happens to be Donald Trump.

But - if the Courts say all with Trump is AOK - they will fully deserve and I will fully support exactly the reverse when a decent progressive is in office.

It is not OK.

It is dangerous.

Imagine a President who cuts off financial aide to every state that passes laws interfering with abortion rights, or every state that fails to increase voting rights, and simply lies to Congressshd refuses to answer any subpoena on it. Imagine a President that imposes tariffs on imports on every nation that outlaws abortion or gay marriage.

It is not OK.

It is dangerous.

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