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I realize that Buffdad voted for Bernie, and I disagreed about his

choice of primary candidates. But, I want to explain about the differences between Republicans and Democrats, especially in this current administration and current Congress.
It is a belief of Bernie supporters that, as you say, the Dems are only "Republican lites" and are not very different. Here are some ways that Dems would be different and that HRC would be different from Trump, had she been elected:

1. SCOTUS - With a Dem pres., Brett Kavanaugh would not have been nominated. The nominee might have been a moderate like Merrick Garland, but not a right winger like Kavanaugh. Due to that nomination, we are now in danger of having Roe v Wade overturned-- a very serious setback for women's rights.

2. Elections integrity - The issue of Russian interference in elections, confirmed by all U.S. intelligence agencies would have been addressed, with measures taken to combat this kind of cyber warfare, which is exactly what it is. The Trump administration has no interest in applying sanctions or taking any measures designed to prevent election tampering from hostile foreign governments.

3. Immigration issues - The Dreamers under the DACA act, who have virtually known no other home except this nation, would have been offered a pathway to citizenship. The chaos at the border, where parents and children are separated, then the children are lost when they are sent to foster families without proper documentation, or whom sleep on the ground in cages without their parents, would not exist. Border procedures would be much more orderly and organized. Ports of entry, where much of the illegal drugs pass through, would have been strengthened.

Congress voted $ 6,000,000, 000 in border strengthening back in 2013, plus another 1.5 billion
a couple of months ago, and it doesn't appear that much of that has been spent.

This refrain of the Bernie Sanders camp -- and the Jill Stein camp -- that Dems are a version of Republican lite -- does not hold up for this current Congress or current pres. But it does explain why Bernie and his supporters can prevent Dems from unifying when they greatly need to do so.

(In response to this post by IdaBuff)

Posted: 05/16/2019 at 12:15AM


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