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Why Dems must seek judicial review of Trump’s flouting

of Congress.

While the pace is picking up, Dems have been far too slow to seek judicial enforcement of their subpoenas.

Trump is now, in litigation, taking the position that Congress has no right or power to compel testimony or documents from the White House. Witnesses are simply refusing to appear and regulatory agencies refuse to produce, even under subpoena, because they say Congress has absolutely no right or power to obtain information or testimony from them.

It simply cannot be that this is right. But Congress must press forward forcefully now, on every front, to get answers from the courts. If the Supreme Court ultimately says Trump is right - that he is more King than executor of the laws - so be it. At least, then, when the next progressive President comes in, he or she will be free to run the country with free hand, with no limit, and Congress - looking to finally stop the oligarchy - will reap what it has sewn,

But if Dems dawdle, and the Supreme Court dodges the issue while Trump dodges Congress, then that same court that would have enabled Obama will certainly hold a Dem President and his executives who dares act the least bit like this King Trump in contempt.

This is untenable. Dems are far better off winning OR losing on these questions, than they are by enabling Pubs to play this smarmy game now, then attack the Presidency in full vengeance and using the courts to punish Dems for the same behavior the Pubs are now getting away with.

And for McKelvey and all the rest who are bound to cry Obama or Clinton or someone else was equivalent - please take your obvious bu11$hit somewhere else. There is no effing equivalence to what we are now witnessing. Your denial of the same (and if you deny this reality you are doubtless an intellectual whore) is the enablement of a flaming narcissist. The lemming may as well be your mascot.
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