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Interesting article from NBC news. I once attended a speech by Bill Clinton

in about 2007, in which he talked about the future of U.S. foreign policy. He was on a speaking tour, and of course, he was asked by various members of the audience about the possibility of peace in the Middle East and the issues with Iran. ( This was about 5 years before the Iran nuclear accords negotiated by John Kerry).

Clinton was asked about Iran -- If Iran is developing a nuclear arsenal, why don't we invade them just as we did with Iraq, so we can wipe out their nuclear program and destroy their labs and bases around the country?

Clinton replied ( paraphrasing) Look, I'm not a liberal on Mid-East issues. I'm more of a centrist/conservative about Iran and state-sponsored terrorism. I think it's a terrible idea to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. But, those nuclear labs are located deep underground, according to intelligence reports, and they are not at all easily accessed by ground troops. It's very, very difficult to have a ground war in Iran without incurring very heavy casualties. It's not like Iraq, where much of the military was wiped out in 1990-92 with Desert Shield.

I had never seen any U.S.President in person, let alone hear him talk about intelligence briefings, so I thought that was pretty interesting. And, I always think about that when war hawks like to talk about invading other countries and creating "regime change."

Thanks for posting the NBC article, which brings up a lot of salient points. I don't think our European allies will join us this time, as they once did with Desert Shield and Desert Storm. -- B4E

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