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A story about a lawnmower parent I encountered while teaching high school..

Mom called me up and asked if I could write a recommendation letter for her son, so that he could include it with his college applications. ( He applied to all prestigious private schools). I told her yes, and took time to compose what I thought was a very complimentary letter, in which I remarked on his writing skills, leadership skills, maturity, critical thinking skills, and so forth.

Mom called back and asked if I could include the fact that he is a star tennis player, according to the coach at the Newport Beach Racquet Club. ( very, very exclusive. Memberships cost tens of thousands). I asked the chair of the P.E. dept plus several of the coaches if the kid had played any sports at our high school. They all said no, he is not on any sports teams, and he is average in terms of coordination and athletic ability.

I told Mom that I had never seen him play tennis, he was not on any sports teams at our school, and none of the coaches had ever seen him play anything outside of P.E. class. Mom protested "But his tennis coach says that he is a Grand Slam player and could go on the men's pro tour ! He won't get into such-and-such an exclusive school unless every recommendation says that he is a first class athlete !"

I told her, "Well, I know his abilities only from an academic standpoint as his English teacher, and if he is truly a star athlete, then of course, ask his tennis coach at the Newport Beach Racquet Club to write him a recommendation. I can't write about what I don't see." Mom was really upset, and even called our Principal about it; but thankfully the Principal supported me in this instance.
These lawnmower parents are very aggressive, and they really do not want to take "No" for an answer. - B4E

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