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My ilk?

I am a registered indy. Take that "clean up your own party" crap to someone else..

I never said she was his equal. She hasn't bullied Canada, or threatened to jail journalists, but in her little pond she has been every bit as toxic.

She was a cocktail waitress 6 months ago, and barely off her last shift when she became the voice of a small minority to vote against Pelosi as Speaker. She was the leader of a populist movement against Amazon, not even in her own Congressional district, taking the opposite position from that district's actual Congresswoman, as well as the Democrat gov and mayor of NY. She has displayed a blatant ignorance of economic facts, and now she is threatening moderate Dems, most of who's districts would never elect a progressive radical in a general election. In short, she is willing to sacrifice a potential majority in preference for a small party of ideologues afraid to break ranks. Feel free to follow her down that rabbit hole if you wish.

At the moment, I am feeling more aligned with the moderate wing of the Dem party than I do the GOP, but that could easily change for myself and those of like mind if the progressive radicals take over the party. Part of me hopes your party does follow this fringe radical movement, forcing the real potential for a true independent, but I'm afraid in that scenario we'd just end up with one of two horrible choices.

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Posted: 03/02/2019 at 12:54PM


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