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Stampy, I finally read the link....

He makes sense except he doesn't seem to offer other ways to do some of these things except for the "wealth tax". He said good things about Swiss health care, but can we really compare the huge U.S. to tiny Switzerland, a pretty damn rich country on it's own?

I liked how De Blazio explained about the $3 billion as a drop in the bucket by looking at the money and jobs, etc. that would be a result of letting amazon in NY. But he didn't like amazon's tactics either of just saying "screw you" and left without even trying to work things out. It was all about their power.

AOC is young, idealistic and wants change. I think she will settle down as she learns on the job. AND, there is nothing to fear from her or support her because she's only 29 years old and she will have to run again in two years so it is up to her district to keep her or dump her and so obviously, she has to make some noise quickly so that she can rely on those voters to stay in office.

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