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Like Bernie, AOC does not appear to encompass Democratic Party

ideology. I think that Fox follows her around 24/7 ( which is creepy) in order to show their audience that "this is what all Democrats want." But her ideology is compatible with Bernie's --- not with all Democrats.

AOC is active on social media, so it's easy for tv media to just report on what she writes on Twitter/Instagram, and so forth. But she has only been in Congress for about 6 weeks, and most of what she has done is to promote a proposal called Green New Deal. That's not a legislative bill that she co-sponsored. It's not a piece of legislation. It's simply a policy proposal to set up a green committee in the House to study environmental issues-- which they already have.
I can see why the RW media does that -- but there's no substance there. They used to stalk Pelosi around, and now they've shifted to AOC -- the scary woman who exemplifies all Dems. And that is just not the case. -- B4E

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Posted: 02/28/2019 at 7:28PM


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