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Ralphie Bruber

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Here's what you wrote:

Waster: "The alt left is far more concerned with demanding unwarranted apologies than offering deserved ones."
CSW: "Alt Left? How very lazy. Go find your own label."

You were EXTREMELY offended (snowflake?) and twice called CSW a drunk ( once at 1:33 AM and then again at 1:36 AM). All this vitriol from you for being caught in the act of intellectual laziness. In response, you lashed out like an angry three-year-old -- or, our current POTUS--, i.e., someone incapable of articulating a witty, well-conceived rebuttal but is quick to anger.

Sorry, but CSW didn't come at you first.

(In response to this post by WastingTime)

Posted: 02/14/2019 at 11:39PM


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