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Utah as rival? Tough for me in both sports

Remember when Mac said Nebraska will be our rival. And the Bugeaters thought we were upstart non-factors and who were trying to butt into the Corn/Sooner "real" rivalry?

Now we are in the PAC 12 and have been pushed to have a rivalry with Utah for natural geographic reasons and the fact that the rest of the conference is already state or regionally coupled.

But unlike CSU or Nebraska, Utah fans don't trash talk. Also I like the way their teams play. They are hard nosed teams with excellent coaches that get the most out of their players. In addition, they are not "privileged" schools like USC or Oregon that get top recruits from historical success or their money.

Maybe we don't have a rival in the same fashion as Nebraska. Maybe we pick USC because their basketball coach is an a-hole and their football team gets players we want because of their prior success. But do we need a single team to call a rival? Certainly not the Arizona teams whose fans (allegedly) eat their boogers. Certainly not the Bay area teams that are owed respect for their high academic standards. Sorry, I can't get excited about the Washington schools. Oregon State has had the two most recent uncalled for triumphs against our football and basketball teams--but nah. Oregon buys everything they need from facilities to coaches to players (maybe), but Eugene is so much like Boulder I am still not that hostile.

What do you think?
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