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There is no equivalence here.

I loved Nancy's sarcastic applause.

Is her seemingly sarcastic applause different from the Covington kid's seemingly belligerent stare? (Both have since denied that any sarcasm or belligerence was intended.)

Trump could hardly be a more obnoxious and arrogant person. From your posts, I think you agree with that, but still see him in a good light.

Trumpq tells us in the state of the union speech that now (that is - now that he has lost the House), is the time to come together (near as I can tell, on his terms). Now finally is the time after 24 months of his belligerent rantings and twits. Given his history of arrogance and belittlement of people who think like me, the whole speech was a deep affront to me, as if he deserved some type of medal or acknowledgment for words that contradict his deed.

I know you can't see the world as I see it. But Trump is no victim - and on that night he was an affront that night to many of us. I do not respond well to a thief who, after taking what he can, tells us now is the time to quit stealing.

The Indian, standing old and tired, with his drum in hand, nearing the end of his days, was deserving of far more respect than Trump. I expect you will regale me with stories of just what a bad guy this old man is. But the histories of these men - their stories - are so different.

There is no equivalence here. One man is the most powerful man in the world. The other is fighting for dignity and the survival and remembrance of his race - a people erased by the genocide of our forefathers. You may think the former is, because of his position and power, entitled to deference and honor. I think the latter, with forefathers slaughtered and forgotten, lands stolen and families moved to starker and starker grounds, is the person truly entitled to compassion and understanding.

Let us pretend that the teenager was justified in his conduct. We cannot read his mind. But we can see the man he stood his ground in front of - wearied, toothless and beaten. For many of us, the image is more than we can stand. So many of us feel a great sadness for the Indian people, and the image that day - that moment - did fill us with empathy and even anger.

We are weary of MAGA hats and jutting chins. We long for the time when our nation's empathy is for the poorest and weakest among us - not the wealthy and most powerful.

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