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McRudy has hit all of these. Hard to keep up.

Tinfoil crew approved. Just need to work in Seth Rich

November 2016: No communications, period
February 2017: There were no communications, “to the best of our knowledge”
March 2017: There were communications, but no planned meetings with Russians
July 8, 2017: There was a planned meeting at Trump Tower, but it was “primarily” about adoption and not the campaign
July 9, 2017: The meeting was planned to discuss the campaign, but the information exchanged wasn't “meaningful”
December 2017: Collusion isn't even a crime
May 16, 2018: Even if meaningful information were obtained, it wasn't used
May 19, 2018: There was a second planned meeting about foreign help in the election, but nothing came of it either
July 16, 2018: Trump couldn't collude, because Trump didn't even know Putin
July 30, 2018: Collusion isn't a crime, and Trump wasn't physically at the Trump Tower meeting
January 16, 2019: Trump didn’t collude, but no guarantees on others in the campaign

(In response to this post by Buff Fan for Life)

Posted: 01/19/2019 at 10:16AM


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