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Montez would be a stud at AL

Not saying he'd be better than the AL QBs, but he would be good. But they would use him way differently than we did. Klatt and Schlereth had a good conversation on the morning show a few days ago. It was mostly regarding how the new fad in the NFL is to hire young coaches because of McVay. One of them talked about an interview he had with McVay in which McVay deferred the praise about being a great offensive innovator. He claimed that they basically do the same thing that's been done for a long time in the NFL - play action with layered routes. Klatt maintains that the biggest innovation is that the receivers are expected to do more to read defenses and adjust routes, not just the QBs. But the basis for most teams is still the same as it has been for a long time, going back to offenses like the Broncos under Shanahan.

IMO, the problem with Montez so far is that we haven't had an offense that suits him. Sefo was perfect for the power QB running offense. Montez is not that guy, and he's also not the air raid guy. With a decent running game, play action, some bootlegs, and layered routes, Montez would be damn good. He wouldn't have to read laterally across the entire field. He'd just have to identify basic coverages pre-snap and then read a portion of the coverage in his field of vision with a few layered route options. But that offense goes nowhere without a decent running game, which requires a lot better OL than we've had other than 2016.

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