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Have to disgree

Everything you say is probably correct except your first statement. Trump has a terrible foreign plicy (if he has one at all) but it pales in comparison with Wilson getting us into WWI. Most of tje military and political problems that have plagued the west in the last 100 years can be laid at the feet of Wilson and that decision. If we'd stayed out of that war, like we should have, it probably would have ended much sooner with a armistace in place or a narrow German victory, either preferable to what followed.

Imagine a europe without the onerous Treaty of Versailles. Nor ineffectual Weimar Republic. No complete destruction of German industrialism, leading to a much faster rebuild of the country. With no defeat, the Kaiser would have remained in power of some sort. With a more stable and less downtroden country no reason for Hilter and the Nazies to gain any power. Without WWII no arms race and maybe no Heroshima. WWII in the Pacific, if there had even been one, would have been much shorter.

Without the US and the other allies, begging, cajouling, bullying, the Kerensky gov't to stay in the war at least then Russia have a chance to stand against Lenin, and by extension Stalin!

No matter the outcome of WWI the Ottoman Empire was finished. Had been dying for close to 100 years. But Germany couldn't have let the Brits be the Big Dog in the Mid East. Countries wouldn't have been artifically created across geographic lines, but rather eventually by tribal and religious ones. No Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon or modern Jordan as we know them today. Also, with no Holocaust, probably no Isreal, as there would have been no British Mandate. And Lloyd Geroge couldn't have acted like a 20th century Metternick and remake the map of Europe as he did. (Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc.)

If that bigoted, elistist, racist, shit weasel had stayed out of Europe in 1917 as he should have, the world would be so much different. Still have problems but probably a much better place. Yep, all Wilson's fault!! (Thank you FDR, for saving the party and country from Wilsonianism)

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Posted: 01/08/2019 at 10:59AM


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