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Never said the less a worker is paid the better biz can be

no business can be successful with a staff of disgruntled workers--but labor shouldn't be able to dictate what they are paid by hijacking their employer either. Of course they can always look for other work, or be recruited by other employers, as that is what talented people do who aren't being fairly compensated. It is a free market for employees also, not just business.

Businesses are looking to keep costs in check, because they are beholden to the consumer and need their products to be cost competitive or lose market share. The end result is employees are paid the going rate for their skill set. It is not the result of some conspiracy to collude to depress worker comp.

The comment regarding "this time in our history" is not a right or left argument. It is a fact that manufacturing--the most common segment of industry to traditionally utilize union labor--has shrunk dramatically --see the link attached showing it has gone from 25% to 10% since the 70s. That is not a GOP issue, that is simply the market finding a more efficient solution. Again, the winner in this scenario is the consumer.

The only place where labor has grown is in the public sector, which implies that it is the political contributions that are actually keeping it a float, certainly not it's viability in today's world.

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Link: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/USAPEFANA

Posted: 01/07/2019 at 4:27PM


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