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Truly, I have heard every off-color,racist, offensive, ethnic humor, bathroom humor, rape humor, anti-Semitic Holocaust humor joke in existence.
That's not what offends me. 15 year olds have an amazing repertoire of low-brow jokes, which makes the most low-brow professional comedian look tame.

You are not hearing me correctly. What concerns me is that you wanted to divide this board by segregating out "the little ladies" and one male whom you don't agree with, so he gets lumped in with the "little ladies". "This isn't appropriate for B4E, Gateway, and Kev", you giggle, "but all you other guys gather round, and I'll tell my in- group this hilarious whopper", hahahaha.
I don't like segregation, I don't like gender segregation and sexism; and I don't like lumping in other men whom you don't like, as one of the "little ladies" who are not allowed to hear jokes. I don't agree politically with Kev either, but referring to him as a female and not a member of your in-group, is stupid.
I don't object to the South Park joke -- which every pubescent boy in existence has giggled at -- I object to your creating two groups of people here -- one group of cool people who should view your jokes, and another group of cast-offs that you have excluded. "Gateway, B4E, and Kev not allowed to see this." F***THAT !!!
We've never done that here. Never, ever excluded people.
You want to create an exclusionary group, then go over to Facebook. We've never had segregation on Netbuffs before.

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