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Well -Warren's official announcement was a press conference, not from her

kitchen. Now, I would not vote for her in a primary, as I tend to avoid Dem candidates who are so-called "progressives" in the primaries. I would certainly vote for her in the general election if Trump were her opponent in 2020.

Warren actually announced in a press conference outside her house, along with her husband. It looks as if she is wearing a full-length black parka. She looks pretty professional at the press conference. The kitchen video came later, for social media. She's taken a lot of criticism for it, but here's the thing -- when men do it, their followers are ecstatic about them being a "man of the people."

For example -- here's Beto in a fast-food drive thru, not cleaned up at all, and the video is of him air-drumming to "The Who" while he waits for the food.
It's just as candid as Warren's kitchen shots, but look at the comments -- "future president", "this is why he will win the Senate seat" and so forth. No one in the press said a word about a grubby, candid shot from the front seat of a car. But, Warren's taking a lot of heat from the media, questioning her "likeability" and her candid kitchen video -- which was not her official announcement.

I like Beto -- he would be my first choice for the Dem nomination. But because he's a man, the media and the public give him a lot more slack than they give Warren.
If you copy and paste this link into your browser you'll see it's very close to the informal approach that Warren used on social media:


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Link: https://youtu.be/e8mVYTSTT9Y

Posted: 01/03/2019 at 9:55PM


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