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Here is a College Format that would really be exciting

Split the country up into two conferences. East of Miss. and West of the Miss. The two conferences do not face each other in regular season games. Only in the championship. There are 64 teams in each conference.

Each conference is divided up geographically into 8-team conferences, with two, 4-team divisions in each conference. The division winners go to the playoffs to compete. There are 16 playoff spots for each conference. Trust me, every regular season game would matter because a loss would greatly harm your chances at winning the division and going to the playoffs. Just like it was before we had playoffs. Fierce rivalries would arise from the competition between neighboring states and regions fighting for the top-spot in their divisions.

There will be lots of arguments going on among fans about which conference is better, and the teams will get the chance to settle it on the field. The bowl games for the teams who lose in the playoffs could pair up opponents from the opposite conferences. This would make the bowls really interesting to watch and a natural loyalty will arise among fans of teams in the same conference.

The one problem I see now is that the Eastern conference would have about 13 more teams. Some of those on the border might have to cross over to the west. Or, just let it playout and let them have an extra playoff game.

Posted: 01/03/2019 at 3:04PM


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