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Irish, Eastside Buff is either TB's best friend, publicist or

his feelings are driven by fear.

"We've sucked so much for so long and Tad gave us a relatively short run of moderate success so I get anxiety about what will happen and how I'll feel if he leaves."

He assumes CU will duplicate Ricardo's last season, every year.

Tad's teams now are not the same teams they were in the first years of his tenure. eastside Buff knows that yet doesn't care. "Save Tad!"

CU has more quality depth than normal and a stud PG. I love Kin and Bey. Siewert has really developed. Walton showed potential. EB is a nice story. DS and DK could become good players. Yet missing the post season again is not acceptable.

36-30 the last two seasons. 16-20 in conference. I expect a season similar to the past two years. TB is not recruiting the superstar and still whiffs on too many players.

Love he is sending guys to the pros. That impresses, yet is he winning?

eastside believes in TB, PASSIONATELY, yet mediocrity should not be the standard not the alluring drug to calm fear of worse.

CU can intelligently hire someone who will raise the standard.

(In response to this post by Irish Buff)

Posted: 12/07/2018 at 02:07AM


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