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What you really are clueless about

and I will say it here, so maybe a tiny bit creeps in

We are in a new era of a modern economy. It isn't socialism, communism, capitalism, or ANY of those that are the MODERN WORLD

In 2007, the businesses said O SHIT!! Recession! And fired 8 to 12 million MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS that they do not NEED in this economy. THis is NOW economies of scale, computers globalism, etc. and the money is what talks.

You like so many others, CANNOT adjust your brain to this.

If 90% of American will have 'difficulty' in this type of economy (yes, that is happening NOW) and unemployment is LOW (because people can't find GOOD WORK, THOSE JOBS ARE SOUGHT AFTER LIKE THE ONE I HAD), and they have NO retirement plans. social security is under attack by the MONEY,.

What happens when the NEXT crunch says "We don't need these people" and there isn't ANY recourse?

You call it socialism. OK, I don't reallygive a shit WHAT you call it, it is a REPEAT of history, that happened in 1929, the went bonkers in 1932, and then went REALLY bonkers in 1936, and we had a government that reacted to the problem of 40% unemployment.

What is the GOP (forget Trump, he is a clown) going to do when the shit hits the fan?

If you are clueless about THAT, I give up, we are DONE.

(In response to this post by Buff Fan for Life)

Posted: 11/07/2018 at 2:43PM


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